Posted by: rosa alba | July 22, 2014

Salmondella? Demonising the Demagogue

Scottish Labour tweets this morning ran: Salmond versus Scotland. Scotland needs you (with the implication evident that Eck will be the ruin of Scotland).

How a party can both Lionise and Demonise a man simultaneously is bizarre. They, in their demonising, are creating of Mr Salmond a demagogue and investing him with super human powers no man has or wants.
He is one man, one mortal man, one sixty year old mortal man, who has not solely but in tandem with others brought us to this pass (the opportunity to vote for self-determination), with the help  of others across the political  spectrum, not least Donald Dewar.
Salmond  is no God or superlative hero (though worthy of some honour and praise).
The SNP existed before him, and will exist beyond him. He is not immortal. He is probably exhausted and ready to lay down his fight once we have freedom. For his and Nicola Sturgeon’s political skill, ceaseless energy and commitment, considerable respect is due. No more. We have not the power to make this man a Saint  – that is for God, should He see fit.

Salmond’s party  may, even, NOT be elected as the majority Party in a new, independent Scotland in March 2016.  I hope his party has a large influence, and maybe even the majority vote, but that the majority is not too large. I dream of a colloquiam of the broadly left and ecologically minded.

However turning Mr Salmond into an icon of dictatorship and hate shows  a fundamental disrespect of the political savvy and insight of the average Scottish voter – that s/he would not see through the Scottish Labour Party’s agenda and that s/he would not tolerate dictatorship (if Eck ACTUALLY had this in mind). It dumbs them down to political pawns or minions, where the focus is on their vote not their needs. One has to ask if this has, all along, been the rationale of Scottish Labour.

The raising of Salmond to such stature of hate and fear,  also reveals the Scottish Labour Party’s own inherent cronyism.  Not just the question of who is paying the piper for the tune to which they dance, but what is in it for them.

If the Labour Party truly believes in the value of Great Britain, in all its (toothless) Battleship Pomp and Glory,  and is supportive of a position where not just DRIP is passed, where abhorrent abuse of priviledge is covered up (Labour  – Scots or UK-wide – should be screaming for this to be exposed: I can hear not even the most dampened whimper from them), where BBC Bias is so endemic as to require Saltires not appear on-shot at T in the Park, and to avert its eyes from TTIP (which will lead to the privatisation of healthcare across the British Isles, and the involvement of American Healthcare Conglomerates)  it is not the party of the People, and the working man or woman from Land’s End to furth of Lerwick is being disenfranchised by duplicity.

Worse than this the Labour Party at Westminster is wholeheartedly as a body politic behind Israel as they “defend their borders against the rockets of Hammas”.   What the role of the average Gaza inhabitant in this is, would appear to be to serve as cannon fodder, whether through the machinations of Hammas or by the metal-arrow filled artillery of Israel.   There seems little of the values of solidarity, and protecting the voiceless in this, values the Labour Party affects or affected to embody.

The Labour Party, Scottish Labour no less, is become not pawn but Bishop, Knight or Baronet of the Empire. The Empire against which they traditionally stood as a body exploitative of the interests of everyman.

And the answer to “cui bono”, in whose interests does Scottish Labour blow the bugle of the last dances of Empire (before it too is taken over by Multi-Nationals such as Nestle who deny that humans have a right to life-sustaining water), can only be personal political advancement within the Westminster Establishment (and that means peerage, ermine and the Lords). Not “for honest poverty” nor”a man’s a man for a’ that”.   There’s none so blind as those who have reflected back to them a lie of self-importance.

More than that, theis demonising of both Salmond and the SNP (who have done Nae Bad Ava in their governance of Scotland) all this showa a very, very, very worrisome disregard for democracy not political colloquia and concord but diktat of only one option being acceptable (and a thorough nasty vindictive sulk when THEY are not chosen).
These are not people I want elected by anyone for I question their integrity and motivation, and historically well-intentioned and predisposed to benign assessment though I am, I find it quite overwhelmingly wanting.

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