Posted by: rosa alba | July 11, 2014

Too Wee For Our Own Boots

I am under no misapprehension but that the ill-feted man invoking the name of Jesus on Question Time was a ringer.  A set up. And there to undermine. And I take offence at that on many counts. Firstly I take offence as a Christian and the extremist – and so easy to dismiss – Christian view the man represented.

It is a specious and casualist argument to argue for Self-Determination on the grounds of Free Will, but if you espouse a Christian view point, unless the most entrenched Calvinist or Janseinist  (and even that could spawn many arguments) we do have Free Will and are obliged to exercise it.

We do have the Free Will  and if we espouse any Christian beliefs it becomes a matter not of free wil or choice, per se, but of moral obligation to vote for a structure and foundation that will be built on the principles of the Gospel of Luke, not where the real and convicted prisoner will be set free (the same cannot be said for the metaphorically imprisoned, those without a voice or sitting in benighted darkness),  but where the hungry will be fed, the thirsty given water, and the homeless and naked given shelter and clothes. 
Education was an issue entirely different in Biblical Times in tems of content and application: every Jewish boy was educated to a degree fit for purpose in terms of the culture and society in which he lived  (girls were a different matter, but that is tangential in terms of this arguement).

The Gospel mentions blindness and indeed, with NHS care, the operations of cataracts for an aging population can be carried out: let us take this as a metaphor for healthcare (as well as lack of vision).  I do not know which arms of  NHS England  are more profitable as they are sold off, but I suspect care of geriatrics is not one;   the government at Holyrood, however, has protected care of the elderly. The government at Holyrood thus far has protected and will protect healthcare, where Labour have promised to reintroduce prescription charges, in Scotland.  The Daily Record yesterday featured the viral video by Dr Philippa Whitford which makes alarmingly clear the imperilled future of the NHS under a Westminster Government, its own  separate standing notwithstanding.

As Ricky Ross pointed out, on Question Time last night, we have the opportunity in voting Yes, to secure not just the land but the planning permission to build a new house. We can decided on the foundations and which layout they will support. To do so we need the planning permission of Indpendence.  The links to the parable of the wise man building on solid ground is self-evident.  (Matthew 7: 24-27): to labour the point, we have that chance, while the structures left to Westminster are being dismantled day by day, for the profit of the few.

The stooge on Question Time last night spoke not to the convinced Yes Voter (because the perception there would be one of, largely, reinforcing their reasons for Yes, and the ability to liberate ourselves from extremism), nor to the No Camp who while they might show distaate at the extremism, would largely endorse a distilleed version of God, Queen, Country and Harry (Potter).

The target of the trick of the man with the hat were the undecided voters, those wobbling.  The message that Mr Do and Die underlined is that we are too wee, too stupid (and too poorf not in money – which untruths have been debunked – then in moderation, judgement and spirit) to govern ourselves. A message reinforced by the fact that Ricky Ross and the redoutable Joan Burnie were not allowed to refute the concerns of the very sensible woman in an M&S shirtwaister, who aired concerns about balancing her bank account at the end of the week.   The small picture: that raised the every day concern, and left it to sit festering on a sunlit windowsill.  It was subtle in a fortnight where the sublime has become the out and out completely absurd on many counts, not least the So-Called Socialists calling the socialists, totalitarian fascists (I refuse to use the N word of this debate).

The former soldier with his warcries that fell to amazingly silent hands (I think everyone was too stunned) also spoke to the No Camp and confirmed for them the idea of “too wee, too stupid, too small minded” and the internalised mentality, largely of the War-time and post-Wartime generation  (and this, and this alone, is why the N- word works: terrfiy those who saw the atrocities of the war, to the point of inability to see the real nature of the SNP).  

This generation HAVE internalised the argument of dependence: dependence in the face of Darien in the 18th Century (notwithstanding the force of the Alien Act), dependence in the face of the war and dependence in the face of the financial crashes (mentioned last night); and the message that any prosperity was due to the Union; it is not untrue that the Union benefitted certain aspects of Scots life and prosperity in the 18th and 19th Century but there are many weighty responses to the question, “But at what cost?’). The man with the hat confirmed their worst suspciions.

The too poor that may have held as a fact during the time of the Union, whatever the engineering behind that state of affairs, is subverted to seem to be a too poor that encapsulates the misinterpretation of the “the poor in spirit” of the Beatitudes, but equally repeats again the misrepresentations of Scotland’s actual financial worth and fiscal porpensity.  We are too hooked up on currency as a concept, when currency is (to some degree) just a means and a name, and the world of big finance has been proved to be a construct as dubious and insubstantial as any soap opera trope. 


In terms of the too poor (in intellect) and too stupid: disproportionate to voting numbers and “representation” Scotland has provided more Chancellors and Cabinent Members than other countries.   I would not endorse Gordon Brown or Alistairs Darling, Campbell, or Carmichael, but these are those who have been chosen by their colleagues from among other politicians to rule the United Kingdom: we we are too poor and too stupid to rule ourselves, why were and are Scots in the position of having collaborated to  run the erst-while Empire and the United Kingdom since?  Why were so many singularly important inventions in the development of mankind the work of Scots, from Kirkpatrick MacMillan through Dunlop and Fleming to Logie Baird and beyond,?  Why indeed was it a Scot who founded the Bank of England?  Scotland has always been one of the most highly educated populations on earth,  its Universtities retain a position in the highest rankings worldwide: equally Scotland has always been subject to brain drain.

These are, I concede, largely arguments of that place between head and heart: rousing yes, but of  limited relevance to the debate.  However they may play a part in refuting the whole too wee for our own boots mindset entrenched in the generations preceding mine.  Ricky Ross and Pat Kane, Lesley Riddoch and Karine Polwart speak to the following generation (and more emphatically than Kermit). 

Much has been written in the alnternative press and media of the need for Vision: the hashtag #ayehaveadream.

We cannot (unfortunately) rest on any laurels in terms of eeding to endlessly clarify the fiscal and the legal (as the No team keep recycling these old arguments just as endlessly, to a mouth-piece media). But we also need a vision.  Not just voices that speak to subsections of the electorate, but an overarching vision that encapsulates the concepts of Common Weal (close the front-page) an inspiring vision that persuades the undecideds that we are not too poor or too stupid or too wee: that we are more than clever and caring. We can  – and must – build a better society for our children and our children’s children.
Aye, We Can. We know we can, and must share our dreams.





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