Posted by: rosa alba | July 2, 2014

The Withered Rose of Westminster.

IN response to the article on Wings over Scotland, entitled, “Where the sun shines brightly”.
The SNP is predicated on the idea of Nationalism: therefore our SNP MSPs campaign for independence (though as the Rev points out – by omission – they are on holiday, Holyrood breaks with the schools, thoughtfully). It is there job and their raison d’être.
IN terms of the Scottish Labour Party MSPs, the referendum is of Scotland and of Holyrood. They have a job to do (I am not sure Darling does not least because of his recent faux pas, but also because he is a Westminster MP; what does it say  Scottish Labour -or indeed the whole political array of Better Together –  that they found none of their MSPs fit to figurehead the campaign?).

The MP in question here, Jim Murphy, who has taken time out of the Parliamentary Session at Westminster where he sits, to campaign for Better Together is an employee of the people, at and for Westminster (like Mr Darling). As Stu Campbell points out. But more, rightly, the referendum is not of the  Westminster government: both the official governmental take and logic suggests it is an internal matter (for Scotland to decide), for all the break of the Union does negatively affect all the constituents of rUK…if it was in their favour for us “subsidy junkies” to sever the ties, they would be sending us of with a drawer o porridge, and a “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?” That the myth Scotland’s subsidy junkies has been brought to light as hitherto unsung subsidising heroes the understanding of Better Together for us, worse for you is clarified.

It does not stop Scottish Labour targetting the SNP with accusations of failing to mitigate the impact of London Coalition policy on the citizens of Scotland. It seems somwhat ingenue if not distinctly ans squirmingly blame-shifting for Jackie Bailley not to accept the role of Labour at opposition party at Westminster (and in tandem with SNP at Holyrood inasmuch as any implications of the Tory Cuts were devolved matters) to stand up to oppose these cuts and legislative changes.
It is what Socialism does, by the universal definition of what Socialism is; it is the movement of the people, advocating for the people.  By definition – with few exceptions – Labour has ceased to be defined as Socialist – bad enough – but has also publicised the intention to uphold any legistlative and benefit changes that impact Britain’s poorest dispossesed.  They may not go to the extent of profiteering from the system, with their own investments, like certain Tory MPs, like Benyon, or not openly.
The sole Labour voice resoundingly being seen to protest against the impacts of the Tory Cuts is Glenda Jackson, as shared on Youtube.
This brings me to my second point: in the Glenda Jackson video there is on the opposition benches a dearth of opposition MPs.   I do not know the context of Glenda Jackson’s rhetoric – but the absence of elected members who are richly remunerated to sit on their rears in the chambers was a sad indictment of democratic governement at Westminster.
Almost as bad was the phone-browsing of three of the ?four MPs in shot in that video.
By comparison, there seemed, at least, to be more bums on seats on the Government side of the chamber.
Perhaps these two events: Jim Murphy’s island-hopping jaunt and Glenda’s outraged oratory for the ordinary man (not the party activist) serve to reinforce the need for deep, indepth questions.
Not just the questions as to the UK Labour Party’s fitness to represent in opposition or to govern, but – excluding the elephant of expenses claims, the  fitness of the protocols and practices of Westminster Parliament’ a place and means of government.

We have the chance of a tabula rasa: a clean, unsoiled slate on which we can write a robust constitution and protocols fit for (the purpose of) governing our nation, and through which we can facilitate policy and practice for the people.  We can chose to replant ourselves, not in the shadow of Empire, where we will never flower, but in an Independent Scotand where as a nation, the White Rose of Scotland can bloom, with a sense of justice and self-respect, held high. in a brightness beyond this Summer of Yes.


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