Posted by: rosa alba | June 17, 2014

So, come a’ ye at hame wi freedom

The New Dawn in Aberdeen as the Bruce awaited unveiling on Monday. How meet, how apt in the confidence of national psyche that brought about  election victory for the SNP.  The same  confidence as that  of the Sma’ Army – the people – which brought victory for the Scots, driving their foes into the Forth in 1314  and born of a mind to fight for dignity and the right to self-determination.

But lovely though Saturday was – with capoeira dancers, healers, families of different colours and beliefs,   traditional and modern music, and seagulls, the diversity that makes up Scotland, and delightful the likes of Alasdair Gray’s cover for The Herald on Sunday, the words of Hamish Henderson’s song rang cannily true on Sunday:

“Roch the wind i the cold day dawin’
Blaws the cloods heilster-gaudy o’er the bay
But there’s mair nor a roch wind blawin’
Through the Great Glen o’ the wairld the day.”

We must not sit back and wait buoyed with optimism that the battle is won, discussing what the New Scotland could and should look like. The goal is in sight, the objective clear but the battle only now begun.


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